Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Welcome to the Photoshop section of Photoshop is a graphic editing program and is the current market leader for image manipulation. The Adobe Photoshop software can assist in an array of different projects and can also be used to manipulate photos and images for personal use.

We can also use the Photoshop software in conjunction with Dreamweaver to design graphics to use within our website from of our header logo to our footer, and to create gradients to use for our spry drop down menu. Images we plan on using within our website can also be edited for search engine optimization purpose. SEO takes into account Images and their loading time, Adobe Photoshop will provide several options to control the Kbps and load time of an image placed in your site.

So dig out those photographs you have that you want to edit, chance eye colour, skin tone or even give yourself a virtual diet. Remove background and replace with one of your choosing, or remove an unwanted person from an image; we all have one a photograph that we like only to have a stranger in the background. With Photoshop and a little imagination anything is possible, tune into the Photoshop tutorials below to help educate you on various tools in the application.

NEW: Feathered Edge
feathered edge
Cut and Fold
photoshop tutorial cut and fold
Install Photoshop Plugins
photoshop tutorial install plugins
Beating Pink Heart Animated Gif
beating pink heart photoshop tutorial
Spider Animation 
photoshop tutorial spider animation
Create an Animated .gif file
create an animated gif photoshop tutorial
Reflective Text Photoshop
photoshop tutorial create reflective text
Create a 3D Ball – Sphere
photoshop tutorial 3d sphere
Create a Lightning-Strike
photoshop tutorial
Photo to a Charcoal Sketch
photo to sketch photoshop tutorial
Add Rain to an Image
add rain to picture photoshop tutorial
Extract Hair Tutorial
extract hair photoshop tutorial
Weight Loss - Virtual Diet
photoshop tutorial weight loss
Remove a Scar from a photo
photoshop tutorial remove a scar
Change Eye Colour
photoshop tutorial change eye colour
Change your Skin Tone
photoshop tutorial change skin tone
Create the official Photoshop Icon
photoshop tutorial
Remove Acne from Photo
photoshop tutorial remove acne from face
Remove crows feet
photoshop tutorial remove lines from face crows feet
Create Luscious Lips
photoshop tutorial luscious lips
Create Gold Text Effect
photoshop tutorial gold text font effect
Change an Image Background
change image background photoshop tutorial
Create a favicon Icon
photoshop tutorial create a favicon
Remove a Mole from Photo
remove a mole photoshop tutorial
U.S Flag Change Background 
 change background photoshop tutorial
Create 3D Text Effect photoshop tutorial 3d text effect Watermark Protect your work
photoshop tutorial create a watermark
Website Header Logo
photoshop tutorial create a header logo
Exploding Star effect
photoshop tutorial exploding star
Embed An Image Into Text
photoshop tutorial ember text