SEO for Mobile

Back at the turn of the millennium and with the shift in technology advances, at home and in many offices we enjoyed large monitor screens for a better browsing experience, with LCD or LED backlit monitors some as big as 27inch the overall browsing experience was enhanced.  However, many in control of a website where all too aware of the fact that the majority of people where still using the low resolution 800 pixel monitors. 

Many companies in the private sector made the upgrade, but many working in the public sector including hospitals, schools, colleges, universities and many homes who could simply not afford to make that upgrade remained on the low resolution monitor.

Webmasters had to configure their sites to enable both to enjoy the browsing experience, this was achieved using cascading style sheet percentage width, and by doing this each section of the website would expand or contract horizontally. The same rule applies when applying SEO for Mobile

#wrapper {
margin-right: auto;
margin-left: auto;
width: 100%;
#wrapper .leftcolomn {
width: 25%;
#wrapper .maincolomn {
width: 50%;
#wrapper .rightcolomn {
width: 25%;

Optimization for Mobile

Now with the explosion of Mobile and tablet devices the above rule has become ever more important, with the figures released 2013 they suggest more people will be browsing on one of these devices than actually sitting by a computer.  If you own a website then the concept may be a little hard to understand, but think of yourself as a consumer, you do no editing, coding or programming, you simply use the web to browse.  If you have a Mobile device Android, iPhone or even an associated pad, you can do everything required on that devise, a whole week could pass with your main PC, MAC or Laptop sitting idle in the corner, yet you were still able to interact with social media, respond to emails and even surf the web.  It is crucial you focus on optimization for mobile as they are offering an enhanced browsing experience with retina display leading to consumers checking banking details, transferring money and making buying decisions direct from their mobile.

Numerous web designers choose to keep as much control over their or a client’s website, particularly when it comes down to how the website is displayed on a mobile device. It has become ever more important to make sure your website is optimized for these devices, especially businesses who offer a local service.  If someone is looking for an emergency service, when I say an emergency service this could include anything from a plumber to an electrician.  If part of your roof suddenly collapses with water from your upstairs bathroom flooding your living room think what your own action would be.  Are you going to wait on your PC booting up, or would you take your phone from your pocket and search for the service that can provide help.

Exactly your mobile phone which is already switched on can get you to that service quicker, so for all businesses it is imperative that your website is optimized for a Mobile devise.

Optimized for Mobile

The above is an extreme example, but whatever your website offers you should be optimized for mobile, standing waiting on a bus people are browsing on their mobile device, sitting on a train, in the passenger seat of a vehicle, on your lunch break and while visiting in your laws.  Time is precious and people are finding those moments throughout the day to do what is needing done online, and with 3G and 4G capabilities they can hook up to a connection almost anywhere, long gone are the days where we need to wait until we get home to check and respond to our emails or update social media.  So whatever your sites content and what you have to offer, make sure it is available across all platforms or you could be missing out on an ever expanding piece of the pie.

You can view your analytic stats and track how people are accessing your website.

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