WHat is Page Rank?

Search engines use page rank to quantify the worth of a particular page within your website, various factors are taken into account to measure the page rank and we will discuss this later in the article.

Not so long ago webmasters would frantically search the webesphere looking for links back to their site from websites or pages within a website with a high page ranking.  For reference the main page of a website could enjoy a page rank of 3, whereas a particular page within that website may enjoy a higher page rank due to its structure and generic makeup, so be sure to search within a website.

How is Page Rank Measured?

Numerous factors are taken into account to measure page rank - both off page and on page tactics, let’s start form the top.  Off page tactics begins with making sure your website is listed in the following directories DMOZ, Alexa, Google and Yahoo there is plenty of information on the web on how to achieve this.

The age of your domain name is a factor and for how long you have secured the domain, so if you have still to purchase a domain make sure to secure for lengthily period, this clearly indicates to the search engine algorithm that you are running a serious website and that you are committed .  Again the domain age is of some importance but if you have not yet purchased a domain do not worry as other tactics can be used to help you get ahead of the curve.  As an example another important factor is that your domain matches the content of your website.

If possible you can search the web for reseller companies who specialise in purchasing popular domains and resell at an inflated price. If you can find a domain from such a company that matches the content of your site then it may be worth considering as the domain will already have been resisted and have an age.

I must stress do not let the domain avenue phase you as there are plenty of sites that enjoy good page rank that are young, others enjoy a good ranking with a non-descriptive domain name.  This is because there are so many factors used to quantify page rank, so don’t get hung up on one, just move on and push the other avenues.

On page tactics include having a sitemap.xml at your website for ease of referencing for the search engine.  When constructing a page use a descriptive description and keywords in your Meta tags.

As you develop your page and the content within it use heading tags <h1> <h2> throughout your page.  The blind and visually impaired use heading tags to navigate through a page having a page constructed in this manor is regarded as a big advantage for your on page optimization.  With regards to images give them relevant description and use alternative text, note there is no limit to alternative text.  As an example if you have a motor bike website with a picture motorbike the alternative text “red Kawasaki GRS 2012” is a good tag as it lists the colour, make, model and year of production.

The Importance of Link Value

Whereas Page Rank used to be a major factor in the Search Engine Optimisation world (SEO) this has now been broken down and further scrutinized by the creation and implementation of Link Value. Link Value and page rank require each other, but ultimately it is the link value that will determine how muck link juice is released in the direction of your website.

A breakdown of Link Value and its importance can be read at the following article.  What is Link Value

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