What does Link Value Mean?

If you are reading this article I am assuming you know the importance of SEO and are partially educated in this field, therefore know the importance of having a search engine friendly website and the many benefits to be gained, predominantly a better ranking for your pages on the search engine results.

As of 2012 the major search engine that is Google completely overhauled the parameters within it’s algorithm. Many sites suffered while other sites that had solid foundations benefited form the change. It is expected that all other search engines will follow suit.

We live in the microwave area where many webmasters are seeking instantaneous results, some manage to beat the system and enjoy a first page ranking with their black hat tactics, but remember a massive corporation such as Google has the brightest and best working at their headquarters and will catch up with the black hat tactics, if you have outsourcers the work that has been carried out on your website chances are the changes will be irreversible.

A few year ago links-back used to be the golden term, the search engines caught up to all the underhand tactics, amended their algorithms and the mighty fell. Link value is a method used to determine quality of link and how much link juice you can expect to receive.

What is Page Rank?

Then not that long ago the golden term became Page Rank (PR), working on the basis the higher the rank of a particular page the more value would be gained in obtaining a link from that page to your website, referred to as link juice. Google devised a very complex algorithm that had the capabilities to study a page to value it’s worth.

Today the golden term is Link Value, this works in conjunction with Page Rank, both require the other to operate with the Link Value ultimately determining the link juice flowed to your website.

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

What is Link Value?

Lets pretend I have an online flower shop where people can logon to my website and buy flowers or have them delivered to a loved one. So I know want to push this website to the first page in Google for the term “buy flowers online”. First off I have huge competition so I need to think outside the box, OK got it, no point ranking for this term for a guy wishing to have flowers delivered to his girlfriend in New York, when I am based in London. Do you see where I’m going “buy flowers online London” should be my term. (but you already knew this right)

Now I’m going to think outside the box, I will invest a little money and have a stranger from a freelancer website create links back to my website, I am sure to shoot to the top of the list. With my knowledge on page rank I know I must have links linking back from websites PR3 or above.

Because a website has a PR3 it really means nothing, If I have two links linking to me, one from a PR3 website and one from a PR1 website the old PR rule would surly flow more link juice from the PR3. This is no longer the case due to Link Value. Link Value will study the page linking to you, whereas the PR3 site has 50 other outbound links on the page severely diluting the link juice, the PR1 site only has 4 other links, do the calculation yourself. In the aforementioned example you would obtain a lot more link juice from the website with the page rank of 1.

Link Value is an ever evolving partition of the algorithm. Again lets return to my imaginary flower website.

I have invested some money and enjoy many links back to my site. One is a local website they sell cars and have a really nice looking website with a page rank of 6 and I am one of only three outbound links on the page, from the previous paragraph example I must be getting some serious juice from this website.

Another website linking to me is a local funeral directors, they have a page rank of only 2 and again like above I am one of only three outbound links on the page. What site do you think I am getting the most juice from. Logic would say the car site but due to the aptitude of Link Value the site releasing the most juice is the funeral directors.

Why, because the algorithm knows a funeral directors is directly associated with flowers, as is weddings, valentines day and many others. The Link Value algorithm knows many, many searches have been preformed on the search engine for funeral flowers, bereavement flowers and graveside flowers. As would be the case if the link was coming from a wedding website, Link Value can relate to the term Wedding Flowers.

I’m not saying the car website is totally useless, but to grow an organic website try only have links coming in from a relevant site so the two can be associated. When Link Value scans the car site it reads, car parts, exhaust and tyres, it simply cannot relate this to flowers so your juice is severely diluted. The link value goes further to scan the page title, heading tags before moving on to the actual content of the page including image tags and alternate text.

So if you have a flower website and you come across a local wedding site with a page rank of 6, with flowers in the title tag of a particular page, images of flowers with relevant tags and alternate text and the word flowers in heading tags. If you manage to obtain a link back from this website watch the flood gates open while that golden juice is sprinkled all over your website.

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