Create Meta Tags with Metatagger

I created this mettatagger to provide new webmasters the opportunity to create their meta tags without the chance of making any errors or typos. I continue to use this tool myself whenever developing a new page within this or other websites I work on. The Meta tags are an important part of any website as it’s these tags that communicate with the search engines when crawling your website. The search engine automatically reads your meta tags to determine the content within.

When entering your site description, the more descriptive you can be the better. Enter text explaining exactly what the content is within the particular page you are creating the tag for. Remember to separate all keywords with comas. When complete click the create tags button. When your code is displayed copy and paste into the HEAD of your HTML document. The meta tags can be altered and replaced at any time, it would be a good idea to BOOKMARK this page.

Site Description


Here is your META - tag coding