CSS Tutorial Hover


Try rolling over here to see the effect

  • The :link selector can be used to style links on unvisited pages

  • The :visited selector indicates a page already visited, most keep this the same as :link

  • The :active link selector is used to style an active link, this is rarely used and is red by default. When you click a link it becomes active for a millisecond, if you go to google and perform a search, go to the bottom to view the second page, pay close attention when you click a link, you will notice foir a brief second the link turns red.

  • The :hover selector is not secluded to links, the hover selector can be used on other elements

  • For the hover selector to be successful it must fall after the :link and :visited selectors if they are present

Note some browsers will have compatibility issues with the :hover selector and some additional settings within the browser may be required to be altered to allow the use of javascript.

Watch the folloing tutorial to create a CSS rollover menu.

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