CSS Colour Picker

Colours can be defined using the text equivalent example: “blue” “red” “DarkSalmon” “SpringGreen” and so on. CSS colours can also be defined using a hexadecimal code; the hexadecimal code should always begin with the hash (#) symbol, followed by 6 characters made of both letters and numbers.

Hexadecimal Colour Picker

When designing a web page you will often need to apply a specific colour for an HTML element, you may be looking to define a white background, with grey font with a separate colour for your border. Although we can define a colour by its name or by its RGB colour code, the hexadecimal code offers many more colours and shades to choose from.

The colour picker below will help assist you in selecting colours as you design and develop your website, it may be an idea to bookmark this page so you can easily access the colour picker.

Click here: (always include the # at beginning)


Hexadecimal Colour Examples

Color Color HEX

When using text to refer to the colour no hash (#) symbol is required.

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