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Who Links to my Website

If you have already searched this topic on the web I’m pretty sure you have come across many websites offering downloadable software. Do you realy want yet another worthless piece of software installed on your computer, do you really want yet another shortcut icon cluttering up your desktop, if not you are in the right place.

Here is a very simple method to determine who is linking to your website. Keep Reading

Top 50 websites:

All the websites on this list attracts an astronomical amount of traffic. Owning such a website would make your earning possibilities explode. Having such a popular website will result in many third party companies’s wishing to advertise with you.

Why are these particular websites so popular? Each website on the list has either found a niche, a gap in the market or has created something unique. Most traffic is directed to a website through search results, this is evident in the world’s most powerful search engine “Google” ranking number one on this list. How do you rank high, work hard so you have a rich in content website, this way people will link to your website. An inbound link is the equivalent to gold to SEO, when other websites link to you this is like a stamp of approval to the search engine. The formula is simple; the more inbound links the better the ranking, the higher the ranking the more traffic .Keep Reading

What’s needed to create a website

Firstly considering you are reading this article tells me you have a computer with internet access, or you at least have access to one. So you have the first piece of the jigsaw in place. So to create an actual website you require four things, a topic, an HTML editing suit, a web host and a domain name. We will cover the later two in this article later on, for now we will focus on the first two.

First let’s talk about a topic, to create a website you may already have something in mind. Websites cover a whole spectrum of topics, your site may be based on your business you wish to advertise, it may be a hobby a passion or something you have a particular knowledge and expertise for that to wish to promote. This may be anything from basketball to gardening. Keep Reading Create a website

Web Hosting

As you will have noticed on a couple of pages through my site I have placed advertisements for Just Host. Now these are not Google Ads, they are Ads I have chosen to place aligning myself with the Just Host brand. You may ask why, so here is the answer. What better brand to promote than one you actually use yourself, this way you have the opportunity to give true feedback.

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Optimising means everything

Optimising your site is so important especially if your ultimate goal is to rank high on any search engine. Remember if a search engine is to rank you high they are then associating them self and their reputation with you. The best way to explain is to put yourself into the shoes of the company who is running the search engine, So say you have over 5 million listings in your directory for the keyword Motorbike, who would you rank where and why?. First off, the last thing you are going to do is associate yourself with a poor website that is a mess, what you are going to do is associate and rank high the best with regards to optimisation.

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Make money with Google

All the time you spend searching for the illusive pot of gold (that does not exist) focus and channel that time into learning how to create your own web site and make money online the honest way. Make money with Google, when you have your website up and running you can apply to google’s ad sense program that will allow you to place ads within the content of your page (much the same as you see at this website); my advice to all would be make money with google. Or a similar pay per click program.

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Make money online, the truth about Affiliate Programs

The web is flooded with get rich quick schemes via some kind of affiliate marketing; use your common sense if it seems too good to be true it usually is. Most of these affiliate marketing programs you will often see an individual sitting in front of a camera showing you how much money Mr FedEx has just delivered to his home, while he or she lounges in their slacks living a life of bliss. Notice none of them actually tell you the affiliate marketing system that has made them the cash.

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High Paying Keywords

Now it’s Important not to abuse this system but to use your head while developing the content of your page, there is absolutely no point in throwing in words that have nothing to do with your page, however if we put our thinking cap on we can implement high paying keywords that is indeed relevant to our content.

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Domain Name Information

The first thing you need to do when thinking of creating a website is to secure the domain name you have in mind. Unsure how to get a domain name or what it is? This page will help.

What is a Domain Name? A domain name is your address on the web. It's the address that customers or visitors type in to the address bar to find your website. It's what comes after the www. in The domain name for this site is A domain name can be any combination of letters and/or numbers up to 63 characters. The official domain name extensions are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and the list goes on. The .com is by far the most recognised extension, especially to the inexperienced visitor. Studies have shown the average user will always type in .com before any other, so if your business is not already established .com would be a good idea.

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