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To. design and create a website can be a daunting task to the inexperienced; at helpvid we offer free dreamweaver tutorials, information and advice that will guide you through how to create and develop your own website. A step by step guide laid out in an easy to understand and easy to follow manor. We offer tutorials on various subjects for beginners, intermediate and advanced web designers.

Dreamweaver Tutorials

The University of Connecticut carried out a study in 1996 monitoring the human learning capabilities, the results exhibited that students performed better when their learning was via visual representation, rather than studding from books and written content.  Since the development of screen reading software and for the visual and hearing impaired we have written content below our Dreamweaver tutorials.

What is needed to create a website?

To create a website you require three things, a Domain Name, a Web Host, and a Web Design editor that will assist in the design and development of your website, below we will breakdown each and were to find them.

Website Editor, Create a website Dreamweaver

Although professional web designers can develop and create a website without additional software, to make things easier many use a program to assist them in the development process.  This will help you in creating a website in design view with very little knowledge of source code.  Although on occasion we will work in code view, I always recommend understanding a little code to give you a better understanding of the mechanics of your website, this will go a long way with you being able to correct any errors you come across. The leading software in this field is Adobe Dreamweaver; in our tutorials we use Dreamweaver to create a website.

Domain Name

In truth a website is never completely finished, we always come up with new innovative ideas and move with technology adding new features and elements to our website.  However, we will reach a stage where we are happy with the design and content of our website, and we are now ready to and make the website accessible to the rest of the world, this stage is referred to as going live. To go live we require a Domain name (, for people to access your site you will require your own unique domain. Domain names are very cheap to purchase and are available with various extensions like .com .net .org and so on.

Web Hosting

We have now created a website and purchased a Domain name, we now require somewhere to store our website so it is available 24/7 to anyone wishing to visit. Many companies offer web hosting on their servers for an annual cost. Research the term Web Hosting until you find an affordable web host you are satisfied with.  Most of these companies offer a live chat feature, so be sure to ask questions before taking the leap.

Why create a website

If you own a business and have a product to sell, or a service to provide its imperative you have that business online to increase your sales. Gone are the days when people reach for their local directory when searching for something, almost everyone searches on the web via their computer or mobile phone.   Create a website in Dreamweaver following our step by step video tutorials. Alternatively contact a professional web designer who offers cheap and affordable web design.

Optimising your website

After weeks or even months creating your website you may be forgiven for thinking all the hard work has been done, I can sit back with my feet up some may think.  This is not the case, as mentioned before a website is never truly finished, we reach a stage where we are satisfied to ftp to the server, but you must continue to add content to your website and improve on current features. 

In our Dreamweaver tutorial section we demonstrate many tutorials on how to improve on the optimisation of our website.  Search engines are where most of the traffic to your website will be directed from, so we need to make our website search engine friendly by implementing search engine optimization SEO.

If you are offering a service or selling something it is important to increase traffic to your website via the ever popular search engines, this is achieved through SEO techniques.   On completion of your website it is important to continuously stay tuned into the lasted search engine optimization techniques; you should implements these methods into each page of your website to ensure you have a good ranking within search engine results.

Website design for business

Alternatively we can offer website design and social media management for your company from parent company, website design Aberdeen we offer a complete package for business websites including design, development, hosting and maintaining.  We offer fully responsive easy to manage content management systems (CMS) with integrated social media to improve social signals for search engine optimization.  We cover the whole of the UK and have many customers in Aberdeen and Dundee.

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